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RG's Lawn care would like to address any of your concerns regarding our service. Here is some information that answers some of the questions that we are regularly asked about.

We’ll try to give you a speedy service so your house will be serviced as soon as we can. We will let you know the day we are going but the time of the service is really hard to know. We work from 8am to 7 pm so any time between those hours it will get done. However this type of work is unpredictable so many things can happen, like the weather but if there’s any change in the day we’ll give you a courtesy call to let you know what’s going on.

You can pay in cash or check. We can either give you a monthly bill at the end of the month or pay every time you get your lawn mowed.

Rainy days:
The lawn will be taken care of as soon as the weather permits. If you consider that your lawn still too wet you can call to let us know if you want your yard done other day or if you want to skip to the next service although we don‘t recommend it .

The day of schedule service you will need to leave the gate unlock the whole day so we have access to the back. If you leave the gate lock we will have to charge you full price because we still made the trip and have to pay the crew the same and we cannot return and do the back the next day. If for any reason we are unable to go to your house as schedule we will call to let you know of the change so you’ll know when to leave your gate open

For your pets and our crew safety we ask you to please leave your pets inside your home on your service day.